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Commands of Christ Begin long-term Discipleship

Command #10 - Begin long-term Discipleship 

Begin Long-Term Discipleship! Now that you have completed the short-term discipleship (Commands of Christ), continue on to ‘Long-term discipleship’ using the 3/3s ‘Three Thirds’ pattern (below) and study using the Bible discovery tool. The ‘New Command’ will be passages from the Bible and we suggest starting in Mark’s gospel, taking a story or passage each week. Once you finish with Mark, we suggest you continue in another book of the Bible or topical study using passages of Scripture. This means we continue to live out our devotion to the Apostles’ teaching!


Care - How are you?


What are we thankful for? 


Lord’s supper 1 Cor 11:23-29

Giving - IN / OUT / UP

Loving Accountability

How did we get on with our goals?

Who did we share the gospel with?


Church Circle Acts 2:36-47

2. ⇑ LOOK UP

New Command #10 Begin Long-Term Discipleship

Command - Long Term Discipleship

Story (Tell; Re-tell; Read; Re-tell) - The Book of Mark

Questions (God/Jesus? People? Command/Example? Promise?)

Make plans to continue meeting as a church, and agree which passages you will study, ideally working systematically through Mark


Set Goals

Connect - with God?

Obey Jesus - something from the study we want to go and do? (Practice

Share - Who from our People Map will we share the 3 Circles with? 

Teach / Train - someone else + / or reproduce this church meeting with others

Pray & Commission

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Updated: 27th April 2020