Brightside and Wincobank Parish

Together in Christ, Together with you

Commands of Christ Give

Command #8 - Give


Care - How are you?


What are we thankful for? 

(As the gathering develops the below will also become regular practices once taught)


Lord’s supper 1 Cor 11:23-29

Giving - IN / OUT / UP

Loving Accountability

How did we get on with our goals?

Who did we share the gospel with?


Church Circle Acts 2:36-47

2. ⇑ LOOK UP

New Command #8 Give

Command - Matthew 6:1-4

Story (Tell; Re-tell; Read; Re-tell) - Mark 12:41-44

Questions (God/Jesus? People? Command/Example? Promise?)

Conclusions worth covering - How will we begin to give? Individually / as a Church (IN - to the needs in our community: UP - to the work of the gospel movement: OUT - to any needs amongst the people we are reaching out to)?


Set Goals

Connect - with God?

Obey Jesus - something from the study we want to go and do? (Practice giving as a church) 

Share - Who from our People Map will we share the 3 Circles with? 

Teach / Train - someone else + / or reproduce this church meeting with others

Pray & Commission